Interview for Bad Beat Fanzine
Should come out who knows when??

Won't ask you about the members of the band and the instruments you are playing (I will copy that from your discs), but are there some special stories about how and why you guys started playing that instruments? Things like playing in the school orchestra or having expensive private lessons when you were 10 years old...
No, I tried to learn to play bass some years ago but never was able and had the patience to go on. Huggie Von Pinkbird did a great music school, something like the national conservatory, but he stopped after a year, Nass le pink always played bass, since the beginning, when we played together in other bands 8 years ago… Rémi der Pinbeat is a guitarist, he switched to drums 3 year ago to start the Hatepinks.

When about did you hear the call of punkrock and turned away from the commercial french music?
When I was 15 years old, I got “London Calling” and “Never Mind the Bollocks” from my uncle. And I started to buy records from Berurier Noir, Les Sherrif, Parabellum, Les Rats, all French punkrock bands… I don’t find that so good anymore, but it was funny at the time…

What is that thing about wearing pink, ties, leather gloves and sunglasses? Is that french punk fashion, personal taste or does it simply help catching the peoples attention at the shows?
Ha! It is a big marketing project. It helps catching peoples attention. Asshole!

What is your relation to the Briefs? Who is inspiring who? And what is that about Olivier redesigning the cover of the Sex Objects LP for the european release on Lollipop Records?
Our relations to the Briefs are good. They are cool peoples. I just think we got common inspirations, like The Damned, The Dickies or 999… I do a lot of record covers, mainly for Lollipop Records, so I did some works for the Briefs. I even designed a Briefs skateboard for them, and I hate skate!

What exactly is your relation to Lollipop Records? It's like a family business, with you doing artwork, you and your brother playing in bands, the photos all seem done from the same guy (Francois) and the name of someone called Marc Blunt appears on many discs. Everything seems to be connected. Can we talk about the french punk mafia or are there lots of other punk movements?
Yeah, you can talk a bout a Marseille punkrock mafia, but I think it’s the same in every town, Paris got the “Happy Family” with a lot of people playing in the same bands, having record labels, doing shows… It’s the same for Toulouse, with the Jerry Spider Gang/Dig it zine… etc

I read somewhere that french radio is forced by law to play a certain percentage of it's music from french artists. Does that include punkrock?
No, it only includes the biggest shitty artist, singing in French for money, like Michel Sardou, Cabrel, oh I’m sure you don’t know all that shit, and that’s luck for you!

Talking about Garage-Punk, if you had to choose, would you prefer the american bands like the PAGANS or the TURKS or would you rather put your money on japanese Bands like TEENGENERATE, THE DOGS, ...?
Why should I choose? It’s not the same thing… but I love Guitar Wolf and the Registrators, The Jet Boys..; etc! Hakikare! Sakatete Sapetoku!

Some other important decisions:

Singing in french vs. Singing in English
It’s just not my thing to sing in French, some other band do it very good.

Coffea vs. Tea
Bergamot tea.

Alcohol vs. Pills
Pills, but it depends on what kind of pills.

Girls vs. Boys
I don’t understand this question, asshole!

Marseille vs. Paris
Marseille, but I think Paris is great. Do I look like a football supporter ?

What is the best band you ever toured with and, of course, which is the worst one?
The coolest band I played with were Guitar wolf, so cool, so funny, and great humor! The worst one? The Fatals.

Who showed you the special performances on stage? That trick with putting on a pink tissue and some sunglasses on top? Were there lots of crashes with that like the one the other day in Madrid?
I felt a lot of times, breaking beer glasses, falling on girls, touching tits, or bumping into a skinhead, but in Madrid it’s the first time it hurts so much! I felt on the stage and my ass was all black from the chock for two weeks. Aïe! I took this from nobody. It’s some kind of Ninja/Shaolin thing, when you are blind you are better. Umpf!

Can you recommend some bands, both French and others?
French bands: Neurotic Swingers, Cowboys from Outerspace, The Aggravation, The Fatals, Zoomen, Frustration, and it goes on…
Foreign bands: I loved the Shakin Nasties… you should keep an eyes on the Chines Lungs, a new band from London, Operation S, they are French, The Clamour, and it goes on…

thanx and a bientot (or however you write that)
De nada, Tortilla! Thanks a lot for the interview, and sorry for the late answer!



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