Toulouse-L'Autan, 24.02.09

From the Maxi LP "Sick Cake"/PTrash Records
- The City of the Pig - MP3, 1,5 Mo
- Logo Hearted piece of shit - MP3, 2,5 Mo

From the 7' single " Kindergarten Revolution"/Squoodge-Drunk'n Roll
- We piss you on the slit - MP3, 1,3 Mo

From the Maxi LP "Auto Ejection"/Relax-O-Matic Vibrator Records
- Procrastination - MP3, 1,5 Mo

From the 7' single "Hate! Oupupo songs"/Squoodge Records
- Black Pest - MP3, 450 Ko
- Children are shit too - MP3, 510 Ko
- How to make speed - MP3, 480 Ko

From the Maxi CD/LP "Tête Malade-Sick in the Head"/TKO Records
- Should I kill Myself or should I go Jogging? - MP3, 970Ko
- Sexual Liberation for Animals - MP3, 1,4 Mo

From the 7' single "IKEA Kitchen "/Squoodge-Drunk'n Roll Records
- Deine Mutter die Pute - MP3, 1,3Mo
- IKEA Kitchen (it's like a gas chamber) - MP3, 1,3Mo

From the 7' single "... play the Plastic Congelators "/Squoodge-Drunk'n Roll Records
- Are you platic Congelated? - MP3, 690Ko
- My city is sick of pizza - MP3, 750Ko

From the album "Plastic Bag Ambitions"/TKO Records-Lollipop
- Tupperware Love - MP3, 1,6 Mo
- I am a divorce - MP3, 800Ko

From the Split 45 with the Shakin Nasties/Relaxomatic Vibrator Records
- Philippe Manoeuvre is a piece of shit - MP3, 1,4 Mo

From the Maxi LP/CD "Parsites Like Me"/Unity Squad Records
- Parasites like me - MP3, 1Mo

From the album "Sehr Gut RNR"/Lollipop Records
- Boy can I dance Good? (The Pagans) - MP3, 546 Ko
- I'm a gimmick - MP3, 247 Ko

From the split single with The Distraction/Lollipop Records
- Bored on Pills - MP3, 682 Ko
- International Rescue (Swell Maps) - MP3, 750Ko

From the Demo recordings
- We are Le Hatepink - MP3, 569 Ko

Videos :

- Vidéo recorded during a show at the Lollipop Music Store. By Antonin le sous-marin.
- Live videos from a show in Nancy on Lavomazik website
- Video from "My City is Sick of Pizza" - Video made by SUGARMAT-Mpeg- 8,3 MO
- video for "Sniffin' Glass" - Video on Youtube
Video from "Girl Migraine" - Video made by MACHUS - Mpeg-7,6 MO

- Video from "Parasites like me" - Video made by SUGARMAT-Avi-16 MO
- A reportage on ARTE TV about Firehouse Poster Art featuring the Hatepinks...
- See an interview done for French TV (Canal +), it was never diffused...