Oupupo is the Oulipo technique adapted to punk rock. : "the seeking of new structures and patterns which may be used by punks in any way they enjoy"


“HATE! - Oupupo songs” -Terms of Creation/List of constraints:
- Record 16 songs in one night.
- No songs should be composed before the recording session.
- No post-recording is possible (no fucking Protool assembly!)
- No song should be longer that 30 seconds.
- No song should be “just funny noise” (no spoken word, no instrumental shitty jam...)
- 5 grams of speed should be used during the recording session. Cocaine ain’t speed.
- Nobody should cry his mother during the recording session.
- Lyrics should have no more that 2 different sentences.
- Onomatopoeia like “Yeah!”, “Fuque!” or “Une deux trois quatre!” do not count as a sentence.
- Except for the voice, no dubbing is possible..
- Every song should be a denunciation against this shitty society and the vacuity of modern life.
- If the result is deep shit, no shame is autorized. Send this crap to the record label in any case.
- Take drugs and kill yourself.

Recorded on the night between 30th of June and the 1st of July 2007 / Out on Squoodge Records / November 2007

List of songs:
01 - Does it sound like death?/02 - Weapon factory* (The Wards)/03 - Re-design my face /04 - Green pain in the anus/05 - Rocket to USA /06 - Destroy the industry /07 - Children are shit too 08 - I can get no satisfaction** (The Rolling Stones)/09 - I-pod crash/10 - How to make speed?/11 - Black pest/12 - Bourgeois nations/13 - Patrol cars/14 - Polizei wagen/15 - I am the Yéti/16 - Rock it to the moon*** (The Stranglers)



“Kindergarten Revolution - Oupupo songs 2” -Terms of Creation/List of constraints:
- Record 4 songs in one night
- Use only toys to record, no real instruments allowed

List of songs:
01- We piss you on the slit 02- Electrocute your cock (VOM) 03- You are entertainment 04- Tulpen und Narzissen (Die Doraus und die Marinas)

Recorded on the night between 21st of December and 22nd of December 2007
out on Squoodge / Drunknroll in May 2008



“One way peppermint chord" -Terms of Creation/List of constraints:
- Record 4 songs in one night
- Use only one chord for guitar and bass to record
- Use a shitty keyboard on every song

List of songs:
01- The Bubble-gum of hate 02- Lunatic Nostalgic 03- I'm a modern lemon 04- Icy sketchy girl

To be Recorded on the night between 26 and 27 of July 2008
out on Squoodge / Crapoulet in September or October 2008

To come...


Any idea welcome...

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