Bonjour, would you please introduce our readers the Hatepinks, when did the band start and who is involved on what instrument, and maybe some special thing about every bandmember.

Ja! The band started something like 10 months ago. As everyone in the band was already playing in other bands before, we decided to form the Hatepinks when our other band splited. It was planed from the start to join forces as soon as our respective bands were dead and cold. I’m Olivier Gasoil, I was playing in the Gasolheads, Huggie Von Rosenberg and Rémi der Pinkbeat were playing in a power-pop combo, the Dollybirds and Colonel Nass Le Pink was playing bass for the Plastic Congelators. Something special? I don’t like surf music. Huggie doesn’t like me, Colonel Nass hates the whole world and Der Pinkbeat? Well he is a drummer… Nobody knows what a drummer is thinking.

Why the name Hatepinks? When you are on stage, your nearly complete dressed in pink and most of your instruments are pink? Do you really hate pink?
The Hatepinks, it’s just a name we dropped on a list of stupid names. We should have keep it in French: “Les Haines Roses”, but it’s too late now… We don’t really hate pink, we just hate people with a pink coloured vision of life, people with a positive attitude about the shit they get for a living. Like: I got a car, I got a wife/man, I got a house, I got food, so let's be happy! Fuck them.

How do you describe your sound?
Maximum minimalist garage-punk.

How do you came to your lyrics? I mean for example songs like MY FRIENDS ARE ASSHOLES and BORED ON PILLS.
I don’t know how I come to my lyrics. I just write what I think is funny, but most of all, I write what is true! Don’t you ever feel like killing your stupid friends? Can’t you remember the one who depressed cause his girlfriend kicked him out, or the one who don’t give you back the money you borrowed to him? Bored on pills is about how you get depressed when you got too much pills. Amphetamines leave you with a hole in the stomach, ectasy is a little funny, but don’t you feel like a shit after a night when you told everybody you love them? Fuck empathy! Stylnox, Tranxene, Valium, Prozac, Myolastan, Xanax, all good pills! But I’m not sure they got the same name in Germany…

Do you know the popstar named PINK? What do you think about her? Hate, respect or any other opinion?
Indifference mixed with a bit of hate. She’s just a product. She’s not that big in France…

A short statement to Pink Floyd?
Some early stuff with Syd Barrett is ok, but their main records are total shit. We should have named our band The Hatepinkflyods!!

Tell us please something about the pink panther and your relation to him.
You certainly know those Blake Edwards films? We all feel like being the inspecteur Clouseau!

So, enough about the pink stuff. How is the music scene in France? Are there a lot of people, who come to Rock'n'Roll shows?
The scene is ok, maybe we don’t have so much zines and clubs as in Germany… We book a lot of shows here in our hometown, in Marseille and we always have a lot of people coming to the shows, it’s packed with people pogoting out of their head! Yeah people drink red wine, eat camembert and do pogo dancing.

What are your main influences and what are your favorite bands?
Sex Pistols, Damned, Swell Maps, Ramones, Heartbreakers, Saints, Richard Hell, New Bomb Turks, Devil Dogs, Pagans, Dead Boys, Stitches, Cowboys from Outerspace, Modern Lovers, Subsonics, Reatards, Lost Sounds, Neurotic Swingers, Ripoffs, TV Killers, Guitar Wolf, the Kinks…

What kind of films do you like, what are your favorite films?
No particular kind of films. Maybe japanese new wave films are my favourites, Seijun Suzuki’s “Branded to kill” and “Tokyo drifter”, go and see them! “Onibaba” by Kaneto shindo… and the usual stuff : “Bullit”, “Dirty Harry”…

And now for something completely different: The special Banzai!-Question. What do you think about Chili? Do you like this kind of food? Any special french receipt?
Wow that’s a great question ! I really think I’m the « Grand-chef » of French Chili ! I know a lot of losers think they are the kings of chilli, but I really am! Ok I’ve got a special receipt: “Chili aux trois fromages” : make your normal Chili stuff and add some cheese to it : Emmental, Chedar and Parmezan. Not too much!
Ok now could you give me your Bratwurst-Chili receipt?