Interview Hatepinks for Distorted Magazine

What is your take on the whole internet marketing with sites like myspace today? Do you think it is helping push punk rock to a broader audience? Pretty much every band on the planet has profile.

Internet is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. A pretty good tool when it’s about sending promo shit, cover design, flyers, spreading news on a website… I discovered tons of great band with Internet. But. Myspace is really shit, it’s some kind of distorted window for ill egos. Look how many friends I have, look at the good tastes I have, shit. I always wanted to cancel and erase our Myspace page, but the others in the band continues to have fun with that crap, they say it’s cool to insult people with that. Plus, it’s really a bad tool. The navigation is difficult, you have to be member, it’s difficult to update… I don’t really see the point: why don’t they built up a website?

Okay, serious stuff aside, I mean lets face it the Hate Pinks seem like a funny band, both off and onstage. Do you take having fun seriously? Is that the intention of the band, to always have a good time?
Having fun seriously? No. What we do is having no fun unseriously.

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen or done with the band whether it be on stage or on tour?
Traditional things. Puking on stage. Playing with extinguisher in hotel rooms. Pissing on bars. Wearing stupid pink woman costumes… Stealing stupid things like a matelat in Italy… The most stupid things is fighting each other on stage.

Is there a more serious idea behind the fun aspect of the Hate Pinks? You seem to flirt with ‘issues’ in your song “Sexual Liberation for Animals”.
Yes, sure. There is always a social theme in our songs, we just want to turn things in an aggressive humour concept. Could we have a song with “I hate my life, I hate this town, and the world around” or “We are the fucks, we play on five meters stages, half the tickets are for the press now” just for the funny words?

What about tracks like “Your ass is a stereotype” and “Should I kill myself or go jogging?”, there seems to be some form of social consciousness thinking behind these song. Intentional or accident?
Intentional. “Your ass is a stereotype” is about the Myspace and false Internet friendship. The other song is not about diet or being fat, it’s about the consciousness of the Other view. It’s about accepting yourself and dealing correctly with the world outside.

Why this ‘fun’ outlook on life? Do you think too many punk bands have become too serious?
We don’t care about that. Some of the best band in the world have a good sense of humour, The Pistols, the Ramones, The Dickies or Crime or The Stranglers, for example… and some others don’t have one inch of fun in them and are still great bands. Wire, or Buzzcocks or The Fall… oh it’s ridiculous to make a list.

Speaking about other punk bands, who do you think is a complete waste of time and the world would be a better place without?
All punk bands with a song about beating bitches and being a rock’n roll motherfucker. All bands with songs about cars. All bands with two guitarists. All bands with retro-keyboards. All bands with a fat guy or girl in them.

So this doesn’t get stale, here are some quick fire questions for you, give me the first thing that comes to mind for each of the following words:
• Black - Humour
• Punk – ‘s not dead oh no!
• Hate - Pink
• Love – I don’t know.
• Pink - Flag
• France - Shit
• USA - Shit
• UK – biggest shit
• Tree – Out of it
• Snare - drum
• Glam - Ridiculous, but ok with T-Rex or New York Dolls.

You see, we like to have fun here at Distorted too. I take it the Hate Pinks like to have a good time. If you guys could have the ultimate party, who, where and what would it involve?
My grandmother, on a Sunday afternoon, with her succulent homemade Paella.

What do you prefer Hustler or Penthouse? Why?
We don’t care about that machist shit.

What do you think it is that makes French punk rock different from other countries? Which bands have been hailed as the pioneers of the French punk scene? Where do you draw most of your influence from?
It’s simply different because it’s French, don’t you think? If you want names of good French bands from the old times: Les Olivensteins, Metal Urbain, Guilty Razors, Les Dogs, Les Coronados, Starshooter… Some of them are really great, but let’s face it, compared to the scene in England or USA, or even Belgium at the same times it’s not so much…

Lets discuss bands that have fun. Aside from yourselves, which bands out there do you think have the most fun. It seems like NOFX are always making fun at everything. Could you out party NOFX? Which bands have you out partied? And don’t be shy, who has out partied the Hate Pinks?
I am sorry my English must be too poor, but I don’t understand this question. I will try to answer nevertheless. I already answered : I hate fat guys in punk bands. And NOFX are not sexy enough to party with. One point: we, the Hatepinks think it’s really hard to party without drugs. So, unless you have a cunt, don’t even think to talk with us and have a party.

Are you guys fans of pizza? If you are, what is your favourite?
I think everybody loves pizza. I think this question is a big piece of shit. I would love to have questions about the abortion theme. Or about the American Politics. With anchovies.

Thanks very much guys, it has been fun chatting with you – got a closing joke for us? Anybody you wish to thank?
Piss-off! You, and you dirty virtual fanzine.


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