High Heels Slut Interview

1) Who’s having a dislike of pink? When did this aversion occurred to the four of you?
It’s just some stupid gimmick. But if you want I have an interpretation: look at the world around you. All we got is wars and people with money marks in the head, and besides this you got shitty medias who want people to think the world is pink, tinted as in a Barbie-world. It’s so disgusting. Living like a fucking Barbie-Doll in an occidental world is something much people doesn’t seem to mind about. Fuck them, fuck their father, their jobs and their car. But again, as I said, it’s a gimmick. It could have been the The HateBaby-blues, or the PurpleDoll Fuckers. Hmmm my answer is total shit. Sorry. What? You want more aggression? Ok: Some dumb people in a German squat even asked us if our name was homophobic… hahaha… can’t they see we all love gay peoples? But we really hate New Wave Gay Punks, they suck! They always go like: look I’m dancing like a robot with white sunglasses, how nice! Look at me I’v got a stupid stripped pull-over and I play keyboard… assholes.

2) Olivier used to be in the Gasolheads. What put an end to that band? How much time did pass between this and the start of the Hatepinks?
It was decided from the beginning to do only 3 albums. Me and my brother, now in the Neurotic Swingers, through it would be enough. And we were right. The Hatepinks started as soon as the Gasolheads ended. Maybe 2 weeks after the split of the gasolheads we had 10 songs ready to record with the hatepinks. Things went really fast. And that’s a good thing, we are very old people and nobody in the band wanted to wait 2 years before a recording could be released. We did an European tour 10 months after the band formed and our album was out something like 6 months after our rehearsal debut. We are happy.

3) Are there any other bands or underground efforts that feature(d) a Hatepink except for the Gasolheads?
Huggie and Rémy (Guitar and drums) played in The Dollybird. It was some kind of Power-pop, in the vein of The Beat and The Jam… Colonel Nass Le Pink played bass in The Plastic Congelators. Good luck finding their unique single!

4) You had a split with the Distraction and released some stuff on their Unity Squad label. How did you get in touch with ‘em?
I loved the Distraction album “Calling all Radios”, and Lollipop was OK to release a split with them so I simply sent an email to Chris General, guitarist in The Distraction and also the boss from Unity Squad. After that, he asked us to do an album, but we only had 6-7 songs ready to record, so it’s a maxi-LP.

5) The Hatepinks hail from Marseille. How interesting is this city and southern France for a band like the Hatepinks?
It’s a big city in the south of France. It’s a town we love, very dirty and very poor. Nothing those little arty fuckers with berets and art schools would like. The city is great! Now we got a great following in our hometown, people always do the pogo, chant, and throw funny things at us. That’s great. It’s always funny to play here. Besides that we organise shows here and its getting better and better, we see more and more kids with Green Day t-shirts and all that shit. That’s cool to see them trying to see more obscure bands like the Zodiac Killers, Guitar Wolf the Jerry Spider Gang, Dogs, The Jakes or The NBT… The bad thing in Marseille is the lake of good clubs and the troubles with the neighbours. But I guess it’s the same everywhere…

6) How do you judge to current state of punk and R’n’R in France?
It’s ok. Good bands, a lot of good bands in every style, from synth-punk with the Parisian clique: Volt, Operation S to High energy with the Spider Gang, The Holy Curse and even some hardcore stuff is good, Take Shit Back, or the “garage” side is cool too, The Fatals, Little Green Fairy… The Neurotic Swingers, you have heard about them? Funny band!
France has two problems with punk rock: the lake of clubs and the lakes of zines.

7) You’ve released splits with the Distraction and the Shakin Nasties. Which other bands would you consider worthwhile sharing some wax with?
I don’t know. A split with The Pervz will be out next month, but it’s TKO who decided, I don’t really know this band… Maybe The Shocks from Germany, or The Ulcers from London.

8) You cover “Boy Can I Dance Good?” by the Pagans. Which other bands and songs from the late 70’s would be lined up next to that on the ultimate “Killed By Hatepinks” compilation?
We got to try The Nipple Erectors, The Australian band X, Les Olivensteins from France, but it was covered too many times. We tried to cover the German band PVC, but it sounded like shit. We also did a Gene Vincent cover, but it was too different from what we do usually, so we decided not to include it on the next album… Maybe we’ll try “sick of being sick” from the Damned. Or maybe the band from 77, The Bear… Do you know we covered The Swell Maps with “International Rescue” on the split with The Distraction? Hey do you got an idea? Please send me list of songs you think could be worth covering!

9) How much touring experience do the Hatepinks carry under their belt? Any hilarious, savage or thrilling tour stories to share?
We did two European tours, one short Spanish tour, a short German tour, and played a lot in France. Is that enough for you? During the last tour Huggie, guitarist had a 3 days deep depression in Dresden, Berlin and Magdeburg. He was always like : “ho please, I’m going to die! Somebody help me please! I’m just a little piece of shit! Take me to the doctor! I want to see a psychoanalyst!” Hahaha. It’s not very funny? Ok: I puked onto myself on stage in Madrid. You think this is savage enough?

10) All your releases come in a terrific sleeve by Olivier. How important is this artwork for the Hatepinks? When did you start out with this lay-out stuff?
Hey, that’s kind, thanks! The artwork of our record is something really important for us. I started by photocopying and pasting posters for my first band, and then I discovered the Holly Graal: Photoshop! I do a lot of record covers, posters, buttons and flyers, for different labels, bands and friends. I also do 4-5 websites for bands and labels, but it’s too much work.

11) About all of your stuff is recorded at the GMEM studio in Marseille. Is this your own studio? How much time do the Hatepinks usually spend for recording?
It’s not our own studio. It’s a big studio for contemporary and experimental music, with a lot of money from the City and the State. Huggie works there, so we can go there at night and use the equipment. For an album, the recording takes 2-3 days and then the mixing is a little longer, one week, working on it 2-3 hours at night. It’s shorter if we got amphetamines.

12) What else do you guys hate except for pink and for which reasons?
Let me think. We hate sandals. Belgian tourists. We hate nobody in fact, except stupid assholes like you. We also hate all the records you like.

13) What’s lying ahead next for the Hatepinks?
Our second album, and fuck me, I’m not sure it’s as good as the first! It sounds too clean, and we actually play better now. It’s no more naïve! It’s supposed to be out in June on Lollipop for the vinyl and on TKO for the CD. We also have a split single out next month with The Pervz from Las Vegas. We play Belgium in June, could you bring some Belgian fries for us please?

14) Some faggy pink shout-outs to close things off?
Hey I’m I really stupid or you insulted us very much during this interview?

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