"Tête Malde/Sick in the head" -
TKO records - Picture disc 10'/Maxi CD

NEW! Under The Volcano (USA)
Hu so I guess, the French aren't all bad. Les Hatepinks are a wicked '77 styled pogo punk band akin to The Stitches, The Briefs and The Spits, but a little more out there. Spastic, experimental, and most importantly fun, Le Hatepinks combine the quirkiness of New Wave with the energy and sleazyness of early punrock with alarmingly excellent result on this EP. Le Hatepinks are what a Killed by Death band would sound like if any of those bands were given an actual budget to record with. No rules, no boundaries, Punkrock at it finest. (MC Clernon)

NEW! Gearhead Magazine (USA)
Let it be known that I still officially love punk rock. In fact, the older I get, the more I appreciate bands like The Vibrators and The Buzzcocks, and find myself rediscovering bands that molded me as an impressionable teenager like The Professionals. Having said that (and moving 26 years forward) there is always room for more - if it's done right of course - and this lil' combo called Les Hatepinks from Marseille, France certainly fit that bill. This is as good as anything I picked up at Jim's Records in Pittsburgh in 1981, even though these guys probably weren't even born then. They tap into that original spirit and excitement perfectly, and have everything else that I loved about back then going on too, like great graphics and clever song titles (how does "Your Ass Is A Stereotype" grab you?) as well. Cheers to TKO for making this available in The States. (Mike LaVella)

Alternative Press (USA)
Following last year’s 16-minute-long album, Plastic Bag Ambitions, comes Tete Malade/Sick In The Head, a nine-minute affair (make that eight, as the exceedingly vacuous waste-of-a-track “Your Ass Is A Stereotype” is trés horrible) that shows our favorite French provocateurs, the Hatepinks, as raucous and in-your-face as ever. For those uninitiated, expect quirky-bordering-on-cartoonish rock ‘n’ roll-drenched punk that recalls old-school U.K. greats the Adicts (especially on the fierce couplet “My City Is Sick Of Pizza” and “In The Front”) with more of a minimalist and arty Wire vibe; or, to compare with a punk band of a more recent vintage, think the Briefs-only crazier. As for the all-important lyrical front, there’s an abundance of urgent, repetitive bon mots that in most cases should be taken with a proverbial grain of salt-when there actually are lyrics, that is, and not just shouts of the song title and crazed “Bing bang boom bas.” Janelle Jones

NEW! Dig It! (France)
On a beau se croire vacciné, chaque fois que les Hatepinks posent leurs amplis en ville, le virus agit et la salle est immanquablement contaminée par le cartoon punk speedé qui est la marque de fabrique du groupe depuis toujours (ça et l'obsession pour le rose, comme les Pagans, et ce n'est pas le seul point commun aux deux groupes). Et quand Mr Gasoil n'est pas en train de s'étouffer dans un sac plastique, il baptise l'audience à la bière (les lunettes d'un Digger exposé s'en souviennent toujours).
Et c'est pareil avec les skeuds : 1-2-3-4 tout à fond Léon et après moi le délire. Prenez leur petit dernier par exemple, un 10" picture-disc (ou CD) paru chez les Ricains de TKO Records. Le Pilonnage dure moins de 10 minutes (pour sept titres!), mais c'est évidemment plus qu'il n'en faut au gang marseillais pour mettre à genoux n'importe quel punk rocker lambda doté d'un minimum d'humour. Et là au moins, pas besoin de parapluie... Le disque est intitulé "Tête Malade/Sick in the head" et si vous voulez savoir pourquoi, allez donc jeter un oeil sur les compte-rendus de tournées proposés sur leur site, on a rarement lu des tour reviews si marrants et inquiétants à la fois. Fan de Genesis, passez votre chemin.

Sleazegrinder (USA)
Thought the Hate Pinks broke up already. Maybe they just threaten to all the time. Anyway, the snotty French bastards are back with an alarmingly short new EP. How short? Less than ten minutes. But it’s an action packed ten minutes, from the glam-slamming fuzzpunk of opener “Sexual Liberation is for Animals” to the snuffling Pistols-y sleaze of “My City is Sick of Pizza” to the acid-damaged snarl of closer “Sweep the Shit”. The brevity is pretty refreshing in these days of hour-long, filler-stuffed CDs. I mean, thanks to the Hate Pinks’ economy I can get all kinds of shit done this afternoon, I can go set downtown on fire or piss on the Alamo, or whatever. I am liberated by these Hate Pinks. Liberated by misanthropic French speed-freaks in new wave shades. And that’s pretty awesome. Merci, Hate Pinks. Merci.

The Nerve Magazine (USA)
This is your basic good ol’ 77’ style punk rock, and sometimes the Hate Pinks sing in French and other times in English. Though there are only seven tracks here, they have great titles such as “Should I Kill Myself or Should I Go Jogging?” and “My City Is Sick of Pizza.” These guys are probably waiters in fancy restaurants where they sneer at the tourists and pretend that they can’t speak a word of English. I would expect nothing less.

NO Front Teeth (UK)
Oh yeah, the French fuck-ups are back!!!! More eccentric chaos from THE HATEPINKS!! Fast, serrated and super-spastic and wonderfully sick in the head! It's always exciting to hear THE HATEPINKS and this EP is packed with their erratic and whimsical pogo punk but there's just one problem... 7 songs just isn't enough for this spastic head!!! I need more!! All the tracks rule on here and again, have killer titles like 'My City Is Sick Of Pizza', 'Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging?', 'Your Ass Is A Stereotype' and 'Sexual Liberation Is For Animals'... fantastic. Always a pleasure to review and hear these rascals and I hope another full-length is in the works!!!

Askew Review (USA)
These motherfuquers are the coolest Frenchmen I’ve come across since meeting long-lost pal Bruno, who sings for punk mambo kings Babaloo and is rumored to have once killed a man. Tete Malade/Sick in the Head is the kind of disc that makes me happy I write these stupid reviews. Seven snotty, dirty-groovin’, ripping, hilarious tracks that clock in at a whisper over nine minutes just can’t be beat. “Sexual Liberation is for Animals” is vicious, tears along beautifully, sharpens my French counting skills and is probably my new favorite song. The album’s title track is just about as good. I also love “Sweep the Shit,” which is manic and a helluva lotta fun. And maybe it’s just something that gets lost in translation, but I’m not quite sure what the line “Sweep the shit out your face” actually means, yet I can’t stop saying it. And even the songs that are merely good instead of awesome- “Should I Kill Myself or Go Jogging” and “Your Ass is a Stereotype,” for example- are still funny as all get out. I know it’s only January, BUT this is definitely the best thing I’ve heard in 2007. –Ben Hunter

Concrete disciples (USA)
Un, deux, trois, quatre! Les Hatepinks is a band from Marseille, and the only reason that I know anything about Marseille is because of the skatepark and the subsequent tour/trip articles in all the skate mags. Allow me to share my vast knowledge of this particular geographical region: It's got a skatepark, and it's supposedly a shady town. Oh, and the chicks sunbathe topless. Two out of three ain't bad, I suppose. What kind of music would one expect from a place like Marseille? French hip hop? If you've heard French hip hop you will be glad to know that Les Hatepinks went the other way and play trashy pop-punk.
Tete malade is a 9 minute EP that bounces right on through some surfy bubblegum punk sounds. With songs like "My city is sick of pizza" and "Should I kill myself or go jogging?" you can tell that Les Hatepinks is in it for fun, and probably groupies and free drugs as well. All the right reasons to rock and roll as far as I'm concerned. If you are a fan of bands like The Stitches and The Spits, you should add this to your arsenal of crappy (that's a complement) pop punk discs. Go buy now.

NEW! Concussion (USA)
I am almost positivet that I have reviewed these guys before. Only they went by The Hatepinks. I guess they want everybody to know they are French. I get you and your kitsch. Seven songs clocking in at 9 minutes. Not one song over a minute and a half. Cool style and good lyrics,I need to list the songs just so you get the mentality of these guys: "Sexual Liberation is for Animals''Sick in the Head', " My City is Sick of Pizza',"In the Front", "Should I Kill myself or Go Jogging?', "Your Ass is A Stereotype” and lastly, "Sweep the Shit” Those are great song titles. Their sound is one of a Buzcock’s cocktail You toss in some Knack, a bit of Doo Wop and there you have it. Les Hatepinks are a good band. (Sickness)

Now Wave (USA)
Up until a couple weeks ago, I had not heard The Hatepinks since the release of their whopper of a debut album back in '04. Well, in between then and now, these Frenchy skinny tie punks have been pretty busy, releasing numerous EPs, splits, singles, and full-lengths, and allying themselves here in the States with the venerable TKO Records. I am happy to report that Les Hatepinks remain one of the better punk groups going today, and that their new EP on TKO is as zany and obnoxious and frantic and fun as you might expect it to be. Their present modus operandi is a petulant, smart-assed blend of '77 pogo punk and spazzy new wave, whipped out with dizzying velocity and a real flair for fractured pop hooks. Ya gotta love the song titles: "Sexual Liberation Is for Animals", "My City Is Sick of Pizza", "Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging?"...good stuff! In these songs, you hear echoes of punk both modern (Stitches, Briefs) and classic (Buzzcocks, Wire), with a stylistic range covering everything from goofy '77 snot-pop to jerky art-punk. Seven tracks shoot by in just nine minutes - the kind of dementedly feverish pace that can by now be considered a Hatepinks trademark. One still gets the sense that The Hatepinks are fucking with you a little - they take the punk m.o. of not taking one's self seriously to ridiculous extremes, and you have to wonder if this CD you just paid good money for is an earnest musical creation or just a big joke. But to go with the bile-drenched lyrical/vocal onslaught and cartoon punk shtick, there are definitely signs of progression and maturity in the songwriting department. This is a very fine collection of songs, and overall this band strikes me as a considerably better group than it was a few years back. I eagerly await its next full-length. And by "full-length", I mean something truly epic, like 14 minutes.
Lord Rutledge
February 13, 2007

Dealtime (UK)
For a band who probably weren't born when punk rock first swept Europe in 1976, French punks the Hatepinks do a fine job of summoning its raw energy on this seven-track CD EP. Titles like "My City Is Sick of Pizza" and "Should I Kill Myself or Go Jogging" reveal a finely honed sense of the absurd, while "Tete Malade/Sick in the Head" is a ringer for the '70s one hit wonder Elton Motello's "Jet Boy, Jet Girl."

Strange reaction (USA)
Not being that in tune with the French music scene, I can’t say whether or not the Hatepinks are different from the norm there or not. I can say that there haven’t been too many French garage/77ish bands that have grabbed my attention in quite a while. Their latest, the "Tete Malade/Sick In The Head" EP is seven tracks long and over in under ten minutes. Fast, skittering guitars and snotty vocals abound on such songs as "Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging?" and "My City is Sick of Pizza". They’re not reinventing the wheel, just playing the kind of rock that makes you want to pogo. Good stuff.

Indie page (USA)
The French haven’t offered us too much….oh sure, there’s the Statue of Liberty and Les Thugs but what else ? Ok, Tahiti 80 too. Perhaps the best thing they have given us would be The Hatepinks and that would be enough. And on top of that, if all they gave us were songs titles that would be enough (“Sexual Liberation is for Animals”, “My City is Sick of Pizza”, “Should I Kill Myself or go Jogging ?”, etc.). They have a habit of wearing sunglasses on their record covers…oh yeah, with plastic bags over their heads. Hey, if they wanna kill themselves that’s fine, but just release a few more records first , ok? …..please ! This is the best spazzy, buzzing - late 70’s style new-wavey punk since the first Briefs record….or the last Briefs record. You have 7 songs in 9 minutes and 10 seconds. I wanna hear them do a cover of Devo’s “Penetration in the Centerfold” and see if they can top Pussy Galore’s version ! Come on guys…..ya’ chicken ??!! ! ( www.tkorecords.com )

Big Wheel Magazine (USA)
Briefs fans rejoice! There is more than one band that produces quirky, jerky, manic pogo-punk, and it is this first-rate four-piece from France. Don’t worry; this isn’t merely a copycat band. Le Hatepinks have definitely studied at The Briefs school of punk rock spazzdom, but has their own distinctive spin that is a bit more abrasive with the delivery and a lot more stream-of-consciousness with the lyrics. My favorite was the first track, “Sexual Liberation is for Animals,” a very astute ditty about someone being high on ecstasy, and then having sex on plastic. There are only two things wrong with this CD. One is that it is only a seven song EP, and I want more. Two is that it was so good that somebody stole it right away. Please send me another one. –Marcus Solomon

Left of the Dial Magazine (USA)
“Un dois trois fois” is not exactly what you expect to hear belched and bleeding from the beginning of a Dickies-style punk jab at international notoriety, but then again, I suppose it’s time we stopped being so Anglo-centric and slanted anyway. The cynical among us will proudly decipher these loons as Frenchcore rip-offs of the Briefs, but then again, aren’t the Briefs just the literal descendents of the Adverts and others? Plus, France, which is usually ground zero for the Serge Gainsbourg hip lounge set, is not exactly known for years and years as punk paradise, though there are a few heavyweights you need to search out and buy up, like Les Thugs and Metal Urbain.
This is an extended EP of sorts, shopped as “bile flavored bubblegum bum Pogo Punk,” which does catch and release the one-minute dog-howling conundrum called “Sick in the Head.” It’s definitely the hammering gospel of speed-of-light four beat pouncing punk, slowed down a tad on “My City is Sick of Pizza” (“I’m really sick of mozzarella…”). Not exactly a cogent, political manifesto for the new breed, but hell, it’s got wet armpits from the jostling dancing. Under the Volcano has invoiced their sandpaper-pop as “spazzed-out epileptic vocals…radioactive surf-lined leads and…turbo-charged drumbeats,” all a little out-of-proportion compared to what is actually delivered in this amphetamine and scissor lunge into your earlobes. The echoey, spit-valve filling, humor-dumped “Should I kill Myself or Go Jogging” is a recurring slamdance dream under the glare of new wave sunglasses and demolished disco balls, so that may be the center stage for the whole experience. Both trite and triumphant, this is the stuff of legends re-enacted.

Subvox (USA)
Très malade, très bon. Vous écouterez ceci ou vous êtes stupide. I think you can probably figure out what I just typed. If not, all you need to know is this is a fuckin’ cool EP. Les Hatepinks put ’77 punk snot and post-punk into a scintillating mélange, uh, mix. Jabbing songs with a hit ‘n run quality and an edgy quirkiness. “Sweep The Shit” adds a little roche de garage to wind things up. Les Hatepinks had two previous albums and 2005’s “Plastic Bag Ambitions” (also on TKO) is worthy of your time, as well.

Evil Needles (USA)
For fans of: Euro snot punk, the Buzzcocks, the Damned, Generation X
Here's what I thought: If you were looking for a reason to hate France, you've just found it. Just tell everyone the Hatepinks trashed your house and kidnapped your boyfriend. Their snotty, sorta out of tune bile flavored bubble gum punk will rub you the wrong way and steal your wallet. Garage-style production, crass lyrics, and simple three chord structures make this album a blast and a half. At ten minutes, Tete Malade is just long enough to piss you off and leaving you wanting more--I love it!!!

Rock'N Roll Morgue zine
Clocking in at a smidgen over nine minutes in total length, Tete Malade/Sick In The Head is a frantic 7-song blur of zany, bug-eyed Pogo Punk that seems to have been birthed out of an extraterrestrial dayglo-radiated glob of snot from the womb of a four-headed monster known as The Weirdos, The Briefs, Devo, and The Adicts. Each frenetically titillating tune is a short spastic rocket burst of bratty distortion-shredded vocals, quivery electro-shock guitar treatments, and atomic methedrine-propelled bass and drum tremors. Radiantly white hot! (CD)-Moser

Exclaim! Magazine (Canada)
Les Hatepinks play jittery, trashed-up power punk that is poised to set this band on a course for world domination. Since coming together in 2003 out of the detritus of the disbanded Gasolheads, Dollybird and Plastic Congelators, this quartet has been creating a ridiculous rock’n’roll world of sex, drugs and pizza. Tete Malade/Sick in the Head is a doorway into this French punk band’s antics and anthems, and it’s an invitation that’s impossible to turn down. As soon as the bass trickles out on “Sexual Liberation is for Animals,” and “un-deux-trois-quatre” is shouted out to give a short warning before the song teeters into a fuzzed out bubblegum romp, it’s obvious that this is well beyond the point of no return. But why would you want to leave anyway? The songs are silly (i.e., “My City is Sick of Pizza” and “Should I Kill Myself or Go Jogging?”) but this only increases the fun factor. The songwriting is bouncy and charged up, often calling to mind the hyperactivity of the Briefs, and Les Hatepinks don’t hesitate to play with sheer abandonment and rampant energy.

Punk News (USA)
I have never been so pleased with the purchase of a nine-minute CD as I have been with the Hatepinks’ (or Les Hatepinks en Français) Tete Malade / Sick in the Head. I decided to invest in this French band’s release after reading a review in skateboard webzine Concrete Disciples, whose only complaint was its short length. For me, that was one of its strengths. Seven songs in nine minutes! A single Mars Volta song could eat this CD alive!
From the first 30 seconds of the first song, “Sexual Liberation Is for Animals,” it’s pretty apparent as to what will follow in Tete Malade / Sick in the Head. Garage punk (“Tete Malade / Sick in the Head”) flirting with a `77 sound (“In the Front”) and trashy rock and roll / rockabilly (“Sweep the Shit”) makes up the majority of the Hatepinks sound. Think basically a less refined or lyrically engaging version of the Briefs with incredibly short and nonsensical songs. The lyrics of the title track, "Tete Malade / Sick in the Head" are dwarfed by the title itself, as the lyrics are made up entirely of: "Bim bam boom bam hooo." The hilarious titles of “Should I Kill Myself or Go Jogging?,” “My City Is Sick of Pizza,” and “Your Ass Is a Stereotype” are complemented by equally silly lyrics which usually include a short verse followed by the name of the song in the chorus.
Interestingly, the TKO release of Tete Malade / Sick in the Head, while being sung in English, appears in the lyrics booklet in French. Therefore the lyrics for “Your Ass Is a Stereotype” appear as "Élargis ton pénis / Perds du poids / Soyons des amis Internet / Ton cul donne envie de vomir sur toi" (I’m sure you can get the jist of that!).
The great thing about the Hatepinks is that you won’t find many bands doing punk quite like this anymore. Brash, energetic, clever, and concise, Tete Malade / Sick in the Head is a real trip…a trip to the grocery store or to class or to the skate park…as long as the trip doesn’t take longer than ten minutes.

Slug Magazine (USA)
For anyone who was planning on writing this album off because The Hatepinks are a French band—please fuck off and die now. These boys play dancy electro-punk fueled by catchy lyrics, pogoing and, of course, by wearing their shades inside—just like The Briefs. The resurgence of the 77-style pogo-punk hasn’t gotten stale yet, and I think that this album may have been released at the peak of the wave. The chord progression on “Tete Malade” makes it sound like a Briefs song, while the vocals are more reminiscent of something from The Adicts. Fans of punk won’t be the only ones who will enjoy this seven-track release. Anyone willing to take a chance in territory that may be a bit unfamiliar will leave pleasantly surprised. –Jeanette Moses

High Heel Slut (Belgium)
It seems like the Hatepinks really got it rollin’ with a whole batch of releases on several labels and we can only be happy about that. We’re totally into their retarded, nihilistic approach of ’77 punk, but you should know that already by now. The TKO release only features seven songs with the longest clocking off at 1’35”, but offers great songs with hilarious titles as “Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging”, “My City Is Sick Of Pizza” or “Sexual Liberation Is For Animals”, the excellent opening track that sets things straight for the rest of these nine minutes. You dig the Distraction and the Briefs? Don’t hesitate, get your fix of Hatepinks now! The “Ikea Kitchen” 7” comes in a great 3D sleeve –glasses included- and offers some more fine shit. The a-side spins on 45 rpm, containing two cool uptempo punk bashers that will make you jump around your kitchen. Don’t forget to adjust the speed to 33 when you flip this over, cuz you’re in for two great covers here. “Ich Möchte Ein Eisbär Sein” is a great coldwavish rendition of this NDW-song by Grauzone (’81). I’m not really sure if “Proud To Do Nothing” is an actual cover of Les Olivensteins’ “Fier De Ne Rien Faire” (’78) or if they’ve just taken their inspiration from there, but what the heck, it’s a great punk song that you all should be playing at home! Love le pink!

Third Generation Nation (Germany)
Weiterhin schwimmen die Franzosen auf dieser speziellen Retro-Comic-Punk-Welle a la DEVO/THE REZILLOS mit, die THE BRIEFS einst neu entfacht haben und heute u.a. von THE SHOEMAKERS oder NEUROTIC SWINGERS mit angefuehrt wird. Warum also was aendern, wenn es dem Zuhoerer weiterhin zusagt. Die sieben Tracks mit so drolligen Titeln wie „My City Is Sick Of Pizza“ oder „Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging?“ gibt es auch als limitierte 10“inch picture disc in einer 500-fachen Auflage. Da heisst es, jetzt und hier beherzt zugreifen, denn hinterher sind die Regale bestimmt ratzeputz leergefegt.

Musix (Germany)
Neues von den Hatepinks, den frischen Franzosen des Punkrock. Mit der CD-EP 'Tete Malade/Sick In The Head' führen die vier Sonnenbrillenträger aus Marseille ihren dreckigen Weg konsequent fort, den sie auf ihren letzten Veröffentlichungen und den zahlreichen Konzertreisen angegangen sind. Sieben Lieder lang zelebrieren die Hatepinks ihren Bubblegum-Punk im Sinne der Briefs und schlagen sogar sehr schräge Pfade in Richtung Garage und New Wave à la Devo ein. Und wer Songs wie 'My City Is Sick Of Pizza', 'Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging' oder 'Your Ass Is A Stereotype' schreibt, kann einfach nur krank im Kopf sein. MD

OX Fanzine (Germany)
Ich schätze, über die HATEPINKS steht schon in tausend anderen Reviews so was wie "die französischen BRIEFS", aber ich werde jetzt den Teufel tun und mir was anderes ausdenken, denn an Tatsachen soll man nicht rütteln! Das finden natürlich auch Kalifornier, so dass die hibbeligen Franzmänner mit dieser EP bei TKO Records gelandet sind. Sieben Songs sind drauf und wenn ein richtiger Überhit mit dabei gewesen wäre, hätte ich jetzt glatt einen Punkt mehr gegeben. Aber acht Punkte geben ist doof, das macht ja jeder im Ox. Fans der Band wissen eh, dass sie sich diese Scheibe bedenkenlos zulegen können, der Rest kann hier ruhig mal antesten. Die Platte kommt übrigens wohl auch als limitierte Picture-10" raus, ich hab aber leider nur eine hässliche Promo-CD bekommen. (9:17) (7) (Bernd Fischer) / Ausgabe 70

Useless 77 fanzine(Germany)
Oh ja, Namedropping, Namedropping: Die Hatepinks sind die französischen Briefs, das schreiben alle, ob Konzertankündigung oder Review, aber mit solch einer Ankündigung kann man nur verlieren. Aber schaut man sich den Style und den Sound der Band an, ist das alles natürlich nicht verkehrt. Sonnenbrillen, Briefsartwork, und Briefsound. Warum man das macht, finde ich genauso fragwürdig, wie die Gründung der 5000. Ramones Kopieband. Dennoch: Die Hatepinks versprühen viel Energie auf ihren Platten, wirken nicht wie eine blosse Kopie und sind für mich definitiv die beste französiche Band. Unter den 7 Songs verbirgt sich der ein oder andere Hit. Und morgen werde ich mir die Hatepinks live anschauen. Ich bin gespannt, ob sie halten können, was sie überall versprechen....

Blueprint (Germany)
Die HATEPINKS lieben die BRIEFS, und ich liebe die HATEPINKS. Wer Songs wie „IKEA kitchen (... is like a gas chamber), „Kissing cops with my ass“ oder „Fall in love with a JPEG file“ schreibt, den muss man einfach gern haben. Die Mannen um den ehemaligen Sänger der GASOLHEADS bestechen besonders durch ihren eigenwilligen Humor und den hohen Lo-Fi-Anteil, der einem in bester Rip-Off-Manier aus den Boxen entgegen schlägt. Dazu kommt der offensiv zur Schau getragene französische Akzent, der den Exoten-Status der Band auf TKO Records sichert, sowie ihre eigenartige Veröffentlichungspolitik. Während man für den Die-Harder verschiedenste limitierte Vinyle auf den Markt wirft, gibt es auf CD eine Art „Best of“ für den italienischen Markt und eine komplette Werksschau mit dem Titel „We are the fucks“ für den japanischen Punkrock-Fan, während sich der Rest der Welt mit dem Erstling „Plastic bag ambitions“ auf TKO zufrieden geben muss. Auf „Tête malade / sick in the head“ präsentieren sich die HATEPINKS wieder in Höchstform, und der einzige Wermutstropfen ist die kurze Spielzeit, wobei wir wieder bei der eigenartigen Veröffentlichungsweise sind. Denn mal ehrlich - warum nimmt eine Band, deren Alben nur 18 Minuten lang sind, eine EP auf, deren Laufzeit dann gerade mal die Hälfte beträgt?! Die spinnen, die Franzosen! (um)

Concertandco (France)
Il faut leur reconnaître une certaine constance ! Car outre nous casser régulièrement les esgourdes, dernièrement encore à la Machine à Coudre, après avoir incrusté un disque sur tous les labels punk indépendants de France, après avoir inondé de pauvres japonais déjà traumatisés de leurs Oeuvres complètes, après avoir martyrisé le malheureux peuple allemand en une énième tournée chez eux, voilà les Hatepinks partis à la conquête du dernier endroit au monde où l'on vivait heureux sans les connaître : les U.S.A., via le mythique label TKO Records !
Au programme, une ou deux arnaques : une chanson déjà enregistrée (My city is sick of pizza où ils affirment que c'est la mozzarella - et non la drogue - qui aurait baisé leur cerveau), un plagiat en anglais de leur propre Deine Mutter die Pute (In the Front) ; et un Sweep the shit au sens largement cryptique (comme souvent avec eux, il est vrai).
Et puis, quand même, plusieurs nouveautés explosives (toujours en moins de 1' 30, durée maximale de concentration du quatuor) : une Sexual Liberation is for Animals classique mais bien produite ; la fumante Tête Malade/Sickindihead qui permettra aux personnes concernées (elles sont nombreuses parmi les fans) de continuer à danser et se taper dessus comme des crétins à leurs concerts ; l'excellente et hargneuse Should I kill myself or should I go jogging ? (non, ne répondez pas à cette question, Mr Gasoil, vous savez bien que ces deux choix auraient la même conséquence pour vous...). Et un délicieux slow très drôle en sha'la'la'la où l'on se fout de Myspace et ses amis-spams, Your Ass is a stereotype ! Voilà qui fait plaisir face à la déferlante irrépressible de ce non-site débile où l'on se fait de non-amis (des qu'on avait déjà, des qu'on ne rencontrera jamais) en perdant des heures.
Ce sera donc notre réponse aux U.S.A. : vous nous avez envoyé Myspace pour nous rendre stupides (Monsieur Coincé-qui-fait-croire-qu'il-est-une-bimbo-gothique-tatouée voudrait faire partie de ton réseau d'amis) ? C'est raté, stupides on l'était déjà, et voici pourquoi : vous non plus ne résisterez pas aux chansonnettes débiles et (donc) jouissives des Haines Roses !
Hey Mr Daubeliou, Are you Plastic Congelated ?!

Planet Trash (Netherlands)
Allez, daar zijn de coole Fransen van Les Hatepinks uit Marseille. Hun laatste plaat heet Tête Malade/Sick In The Head en ze hebben minder dan negen minuten nodig om flink te scoren op deze planeet. Gedurende deze korte periode komen er zeven nummers langs waarvan de langste maar liefst 1 minuut en 34 seconden klokt. Les Hatepinks staan bekend om hun politieke teksten. Wist je bijvoorbeeld dat het pissen in een zwembad als politieke daad kan worden beschouwd?
Niet alles is politiek natuurlijk, ook een gezonde haat jegens bepaalde soorten pizza's of levensvragen als Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging? komen aan bod. Om het hele verhaal te vertellen dient ook gemeld te worden dat de band bepaalde ideeën heeft over de sexuele bevrijding van dieren (Partij voor de Dieren leest u mee?) en dat er zelfs een ballade op deze plaat staat met de titel Your Ass Is A Stereotype. Erg cool dus, die punkers van Les Hatepinks.

House of Coolness (Italy)
Di tutte le manifestazioni che il punk attuale assume, quella adottata dai Francesi Les Hatepinks è tra quelle che preferisco. Il quartetto di Marsiglia con questo Tete malade / Sick in the head, assume sempre di più le sembianze di un cannone caricato ad ilarità. Sesso, droga e stupidaggini varie che in qualche caso hanno come soggetto la nostra pizza sono le valvole di sfogo di questi punk, che articolano in nove minuti e dieci secondi sette traccie di trash pop/punk dai connotati folli. Con attenzione a seguire il dettame Buzzcocks, restando più aderenti possibile a tutto ciò che possa sfociare in un pogo divertente.
L'Europa sta agli Hatepinks come l'America sta ai Briefs.