"Plastic Bag Ambitions" CD/LP (TKO - Lollipop)

NEU FUTUR (USA) / June 2005- http://www.neufutur.com/

“The Hatepinks play a fleshed out version of 77 punk, mixing equal parts Ramones with Germs to make a very intense and bouncy style of punk for the new millennium. Tracks like “Microwave Drugs” literally pull the guitars straight from “Atomic Garden”, but really push forward the tempo to create something that is breakneck, but smart enough to include a slight amount of rockabilly to its sound. Each track is as intense as its previous siblings, which makes sense considering the entirety of the disc barely cracks the sixteen-minute mark.
There is nary a space to breathe, and this really is the key reason why this album is so impressive. In “Plastic Bag Ambitions”, The Hatepinks recreate the necessity of early punk to put its message out in the shortest possible way with the lush recording that has been modern punk’s gift to society. The machine-gun drumming of “Broken and Kaputt” has an echo to it that makes everything, whether it be the guitar of Huggie Von Pinkbird or the vocals of Olivier Gasoil, seem larger than life. Not apt to stick in one place, the follow-up track “Hate Le Pink?” goes even beyond the echo of the previous track to further heights of decadence. The Hatepinks are not purely a guitar and vocal-driven band; while there are intense guitar riffs during “Kissing Cops With My Ass”, one has to give the proper respect to the bass lines of Colonel Nass Le Pink, who properly doubles the impact of the guitar, chugging along for the entirety of the track. Perhaps the Colonel’s best contribution comes during the aforementioned “Broken And Kaputt”, where The Hatepinks honestly sound as if they were able to insert the best moments of Refused’s music into the most sober and coherent Darby Crash vocals.
Pretty much the only issue one can draw against this album is the fact that the CD will spin back over before the twentieth minute hits; so essentially, after two beers the disc has finished up. While I’m not asking The Hatepinks to put fifty or so tracks on their next LP, perhaps if they increase their number to about twenty the disc would not seem to go back in such a quick way. Otherwise, this is an album that should be put aside all the vinyl in your collection, as it espouses some of the same value that made the first wave of American punk so memorable and important in terms of creating almost thirty years of new music.”

NEW! Punknews (USA) / February 2006- http://www.punknews.org

"The Hatepinks sound like, well, a TKO band. Incorporating a heavy `77 influence, these Frenchies give it a go with melodic, catchy, fast-tempo 4/4 rockers. Think the Briefs played faster and simpler and shorter. Thirteen songs blaze by in sixteen minutes and twenty-eight seconds. And it's all one big party. One big, fast, repetitive punk party.
And who can argue with that? In this day and age with emotions reigning supreme ruling music with a moody iron fist, the Hatepinks bring in a gasping, heaving breath of smokey, rotten punk club air. And it's fun. Fun like blasting Andrew W.K. at a party where everyone just wanted to hear the cover band play a Red Hot Chili Peppers song after slaughtering Hendrix's "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)." Fun like dancing to Led Zeppelin alone working in a record store on a slow Sunday evening. Fun like, shit, the first punk album you ever listened to. Shit, there's a reason why we were all drawn to punk.
It gave us a voice, an opinion, a statment (even if it was just simply "I'm different," no matter how trivial that actually is). It gave us a new view on how to get our jollies. And the Hatepinks are giving us a new product to thrive off of, especially with song titles like "I Am a Divorce," "Microwave Drugs," "Fashion Is Crime," "Tupperware Love," and "Kissing Cops with My Ass." How can you deny it? They're French! They pioneered the art of roasting shitty coffee really dark to hide the fact that it's shitty! They invented apathy towards pop culture! They gave us the idea that it's cool to smoke, but only if you seem really lethargic about it! And now they've given us the Hatepinks. And I'm one to fly the flag. Whatever the fuck that means."

Low Cut (Denmark) / September 2005- http://www.lowcut.dk/
"I think "Plastic Bag Ambitions" is a great album title, but that's me - I like bands with a sense of humour. Of course, they still have to be f%#¤&ing cool and The Hatepinks are just that. Plus they ROCK. I'll say it again: they ROCK! Take all those current bands that have a so-called Briefs thing goin' on and change that to a Hatepinks thing. This fearsome French foursome are the kings of spastic '77 pogo punk + they have the best songtitles: I Am A Divorce! Tupperware Love! Kissing Cops With My Ass! I Piss In Your Swimming Pools! Fell In Love With A JPEG File! And - the 12 songs clock in at only 17:02 minutes! That means if you have half an hour before you gotta leave for work, you can play this album twice and only be a couple of minutes late!" (Morten)

Under the Volcano (USA) / September 2005- www.underthevolcano.net

"Man, what a speedy, spastic sonic blitzkrieg this is! Plastic Bag Ambitions is 13 songs in length, but it clocks in at just a hair over 16 minutes. Wow, I say! As brief as it is in content, this quirky and frantic release is the ultimate wild-eyed Punk Rock workout as far as concept goes.
It's a zany '77-style assault of spazzed-out epileptic vocals, distorted buzzsaw guitar riffs, radioactive surf-inspired leads, thundering nuclear-powered bass rhythms, and bellowing turbo-charged drumbeats. And it's all dressed up in skinny ties, wrap-around shades, a snotty fuck-off attitude, and a steady splash of brightly dazzling day-glo paint. The HatePinks enthusiastically unleash a
loud and primal form of raw, unadulterated energy that just can't be contained. It'll have ya peeing in your pants and pogoing up a storm all night long." (Moser)

Razorcake (USA) / September 2005- http://www.razorcake.com

"Sacré Pink ! After a first album which had the unintended consequence of inspiring my Punk Rock Magnetic Poetry column a few months back (the gist of things being that said album was so superficial and humdrum that it just seemed like the band was picking « punk » sounding words out of un chapeau and then writing songs about them, inspiring me to do the same) (sorta), the Hatepinks counterattack brilliantly by suddenly developing amazing proficiency, pulling a particularly stunning array of bass chops out of their collective anal apertures, and walloping the unsuspecting consumer with a hard, fast blast of ‘79/’80 Buzzcocks A Different Kind of Tension-isms—all the while, keeping true to their subatomic vision of punk rock as a small collection of properly charged word and syllables (e.g. the lyrics to the title track are nothing but fifty-seven seconds worth of the phrases “1-2-3-4”, “Plastic Bag Ambitions” and “Go!”). It’s kinda like someone took the Briefs, turned up the Minimalism Dial (or would one actually turn down the Minimalism Dial? Well, you know what I mean), compressed the song lengths, threw in a flurry of second-wave UK punk-isms (to shut me up?), then topped it all off with the kind of inhuman, three-steps-ahead-to-the-listener production that made those early 999 records sound (at least at the time) like they were the work of brilliant space aliens whose modernistic genius could not be comprehended by mere earthlings. I dunno what-all souls got sold to what-all rulers of the Underworld to get this record sounding this way, but this album is, without question, sixteen minutes and twenty eight seconds well the fuck spent. Actually, my player says that this CD is sixteen minutes and thirty four seconds long. Lying Euro bastards!" (Rev Norb)

NEW! Evilsponge (USA) / September 2005- http://www.evilsponge.org/

"I know what you're thinking: Are these guys gay? No, they're French. This is a really cool record. I like the totally Stooges vibe, and there is a really fun attitude that blasts through the speakers. There is also an angular element that really gives the band a nice edge. Think of a cross between a choppy Clash and a minimal Ramones. This is early punk rock, complete with surf tinged guitar riffs and power chord goodness that are not used to excess.
The first handful of tracks feature a cadence based rhythm, which seems to permeate throughout the record. I like this, and I think it's important. The album has a real feel to it, and it rocks. It could run all night long. There also some interesting production features and slightly different sound effects that gives the album a spin that differentiates the band from a lot this genre's tired repertoire. Examples: Echoing loudspeaker vocals, jingle bells/ tambourines, and some vocals en français.
I bet their shows are great. The band has 3 albums and a slew of singles. I imagine they have quite a following in France. It's a great mix, and I think that if you're a fan of late 70's punk rock, you'd receive this as a breathe of fresh air. Also of note is that the record is nonchalant about its purpose, and does not try to be anything other than what it is. For example, there are no dance explorations, silly acoustic solo tracks, or unfunny humor bits.
Plastic Bag Ambitions is a great record. It cruises along at a blazing speed with a furious pace. It's a fun album and a solid release. The production is minimal, which totally fits the sound, and it works perfectly." (K-tron)

Splendid Magazine (USA) / September 2005- http://www.splendidezine.com/

"If you're asked to identify a few of France's finer achievements, it's pretty easy to marvel at Monet, venerate Victor Hugo and foam over the fabulous French fry -- but there's still plenty to get pissy over (especially if you're an American), including France's steamrolling by the Germans, the championing of berets to the "fashion world" and their attempts to con filmgoers worldwide into believing that a 20 foot tall Gerard Depardieu is an enjoyable cinematic sight. However, nothing is more universally hated than France's number one export: its people's gratuitous arrogance.
Should you expect anything less than full-blown cock 'n' roll pomposity from a French-bred quartet? Adjust that beret atop your mod haircut, loosen your collar and get ready to get down with some of the most obnoxious, snotty punk this side of the Normandy beaches; Plastic Bag Ambitions kicks the shit out of most contemporary punk records.
Taking their cues from '77 punk and artsy new wave, The Hatepinks storm through 13 songs in a little over 16 minutes. It's quite a raucous experience, especially if you like your punk crass, curt and crippling. Before the laser even hits the aluminum, The Hatepinks are playing games with your patience: while vocalist Olivier Gasoil sings in English, the CD booklet only provides the lyrics in French, so you're forced decipher Gasoil's garbled words without the aid of the liner notes (unless, of course, you speak French). It's easy to imagine the band laughing at you as you fall victim to this simple but amusing jape.
Attitude and assholery prevail on such smarmily titled tunes as "Kissing Cops With My Ass", "We Are the Fucks" and "I Am a Divorce". The Hatepinks do a fine job singing about absolutely nothing on opener "Plastic Bag Ambitions", with lyrics that amount to little more than "1-2-3-4", "Go!" and the title phrase. It's so super-fucking annoying that you won't realize, until it's too late to stop, that The 'pinks have somehow duped you into singing along. Grrr! "Fashion Is Crime" sounds like The Smugglers smashed on Ecstasy, while the hyper-spastic "Microwave Drugs" rolls between three chords and a reverb-laden chorus. "I Piss In Your Swimming Pools", however, is the epitome of French-ness: a danceable beat is worked over by thudding bass and a splash of corkscrew guitar, as Olivier taunts and teases with his hurriedly sung vocals, tossing in extra vowels and slurred syllables for good measure. The tune rocks, while reinforcing the obvious: never, ever let a skinny, Speedo-clad Frenchman enter your swimming pool. Add the gritty retro-rocker "Tupperware Love" and the squealing punk meltdown "Broken and Kaputt" and it's in your best interest to put the CD on repeat and revel in the madness that ensues.
Just in case you didn't get worked over enough, the band rounds out the already short album with closer "Motherfuquer!", which is basically 20 seconds of verbal abuse from a foul-mouthed but thickly accented Frenchman.
Some listeners will balk at Plastic Bag Ambitions' brevity, but there's a charm to The Hatepinks' brash snottiness that's difficult to find these days. The Hatepinks are the masters of the catchy riffs/shallow-but-memorable lyrics formula, and they have a definite talent for finding the common ground between garage rock and '77 death punk. You should probably still hate the French, but The Hatepinks make a small conciliatory gesture with this concise piece of musical genius. Baisez les Français!
(Andrew Magilow)

NEW! Paniscus Revue (USA) / July 2005- http://home.earthlink.net/~newpanaudio/id4.html

"I can’t say for sure, but this sounds like a bunch of snotty French punks on drugs – and it’s fucking great. A little angry, a little effeminate and loaded with feedback and vocal harmonization, you get a shitload of attitude and energy from Plastic Bag Ambitions. “Kissing Cops with My Ass” in particular is top-notch, and you can’t argue with “We are the Fucks.” If you like the Splash 4 you’re gonna love this – all that’s missing is a hot little baguette (and I don’t mean a roll). “Motherfuquer!”"

Not Lame (USA) / July 2005- http://www.notlame.com/

"Classic late 70`s UK styled punk done in 2005 with passion pure. From France, the Hatepinks are for fans of The Briefs, the Boys, The Undertones on speed and some Rocket From The Crypt. It`s effortless, bubblegum punk! The Hatepinks simply churn out a succession of one minute, 20 second songs, one after another, on and on until the 13 songs are finished and the new-found fan of the band is perfectly satisfied. It`s a full CD but clocks in at just under 17 minutes. And it`s perfect. Perfect. It`s not only exhausting, but exhilerating. The Hatepinks distill the most potent influences of 70`s punk rock n` roll to create an album that sounds like a lost classic from 25 years ago!"

NEW! New Yor Waste (USA) / November 2005- http://nywaste.com/

"The newer wave is upon us… The HATEPINKS send me “Plastic Bag Ambitions” – Insane bits and catchy licks. Post punk flirting with disaster, and there’s nothing wrong with that… " (StarrTucker)

NEW! Exclaim! (Canada) / October 2005- http://www.exclaim.ca

"Sixteen-and-a-half minutes of self-described “maximum minimalist garage-punk” are offered up here from this French four-piece, courtesy of California’s TKO Records. The obvious musical reference point would be the Briefs, or pretty much anything else on Rip Off Records for that matter. A sweet amalgamation of new wave, power pop and ’77 era punk rock that results in a spazzed-out, messed-up, downright dirty and deliciously dysfunctional musical style. Not that it matters, but the lyrics are printed in French, yet sung in gargled and garbled English, so who the heck knows what songs like “Tupperware Love” or “Kissing Cops With My Ass” are about. In summation: hook-laden punk rock that is snappy, snippy, snide and snotty. Pogo!" (Davey Jones)

NEW! The Covalent Bond (USA) / October 2005- http://covalentbond.blogspot.com

"Oh man! I just love this band. Thanks go to the Negative Creep, who turned me on to The Hatepinks. The Hatepinks are four snotty, spitting, rude, raucous, rocking, Frenchmen. I guess it is just appropriate that they are Frenchmen. Their album Plastic Bag Ambitions is awesome! If you are a fan of early punk pioneers like the Sex Pistols, you are going to love The Hatepinks. The songs are fast, short, rude, and full of emotion, analogous to a nuclear bomb of punk energy. One of my favorite tracks is the title cut, "Plastic Bag Ambitions," which turns the simple phrase 1,2,3,4 into an anthem of punk angst. Click here to listen. The album Plastic Bag Ambitions is a total knockout with standout tracks such as "Razor Lips," "Microwave Drugs," and "I Piss in your Swimming Pool."

Read Magazine (USA) / July 2005- http://www.readmag.com/

"This is the best thing to come out of France since anti-Americanism. I'm surprised there aren't more French punk bands, considering the French are great at the whole I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-anything-especially-you attitude. These guys know how to set that attitude to music - obnoxious, buzzsaw guitars, vocals somewhere between Jello Biafra and the crazy dude from Polysics, purposely loose n' sloppy musicianship, '77 production, and excellent lyrical messages of hope showcased in songs like "Kissing Cops With My Ass," "I Piss In Your Swimming Pools," and "We Are The Fucks." Plus - 13 songs in 16 minutes, so you know you can't go wrong. These guys are the creme brulee of snot and bile."

Sleazegrinder (USA ) / july 2005 - http://www.sleazegrinder.com/

"You may or may not remember the Frenchiest band on Cock N’ Roll, the Gasolheads, and you may or may not be wondering what happened to ‘em. After all, they’re a pretty caustic bunch of dudes, so it’s entirely possible that they could be fermenting at the bottom of some angry Frenchman’s wine press right now. Well, I can vouch for the rest of ‘em, but lead whiner Oli G. is back with a bunch of equally skinny trouble makers in the awesomely obnoxious Hatepinks. The sound remains the same, of course – screamy pogo punk n’ roll, played fast and loose, with a surprising amount of goofey pop hooks. The lyrics are largely garbled – these guys are French, remember – but the song titles are fantastic. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear a song called “Kissing Cops With My Ass”, or “I Piss In Your Swimming Pools”, or “I Am a Divorce”, or even “Broken and Kaput”? And just to further aggravate, the lyrics are included in the booklet, but they’re all in French, even though they’re sung in (almost) English. I love these guys. Or maybe I hate ‘em. Let’s just say the line is real thin. Viva le pink!" (Sleazegrinder)

Punk Globe (USA) / july 2005 -http://punkglobe.com/hatepinksreview.html

"The Hatepinks are a wicked band where they manage to incorporate the Garage/Trash Punk sound in with 1977 style Punk Rock Riffs. Some may say a more punked up version of the ´Hives´ but I´d have to disagree. Where the Hives have polished up something for the mainstream ears the Hatepinks refuse to budge and have given something for proper Rock ´N´ Rollers to enjoy. Just listen to the title track for starters then have a blast of ´Kissin Cops With My Ass´, ´I Piss In Your Swimming Pools´ and ´We Are The Fucks´ and you´ll see what I´m getting at. The French have given us some decent Rock ´N´ Roll at last! Check this band out now! (TKO) 9/10 "

BMO’s World (USA) / july 2005 - http://www.geocities.com/bmo02330/index.html

"First impression, before I even put the disc in the player: "Why would I want to hear a punk band from France?" Next impression, after putting the disc in the player: "What other French punk bands can I check out?". This thing rocks! My number one complaint is that it only lasts 16 minutes and 28 seconds, and almost 45 seconds of that is someone (presumably one of the band), trying out different French accented pronunciations of "Mother Fuquer". None of the songs have more than two parts - verse and chorus, that's it. No bridges or middle-eights, no instrumental interludes or funky break-downs. But every one of them is hooky enough to embed itself in your brain like a tick on your long-haired dog. Combining a straight-up, '77 punk approach with an early '80s neo-mod sensibility, The Hatepinks deliver an oldschool kick in the gut to mainstream radio-rock. With song titles like "Microwave Drugs", "Kissing Cops With My Ass" and "I Piss In Your Swimming Pools", there's nothing politically correct to be found here. There's also nothing new, but who cares? This is the kind of punk you play extra loud to irritate your up-tight neighbors, or just to block out the voices in your head. Either way, it's good stuff, even if it is from France."

Dagger zine (USA) / July 2005- http://www.indiepages.com/dagger/reviews.html

"This band of suave’ Frenchmen got together in 2003 and have been setting Parisian clubs on fire since their inception. From their brand of fiery power-pop-garage-punk (and mode of dress) you could call them France’s version of The Briefs and be pretty right on. But these guys are, dare I say, even spazzier and more outta control than those Seattle nutjobs (these 13 songs whiz by in less than 17 minutes…..yup). Tunes like “Razor Lips”, “We are the Fucks” and the awesomely titled “Tupperware! Love” (and the more awesomely titled “Piss in your Swimming pools”) are genuine classic the first time you hear them. Can anyone out there buy me a plane ticket to France, like, uh, tomorrow?"

Rocknworld (USA) / June 2005- http://www.rocknworld.com

"Ok. I admit that punk has never really been my thing... For some unknown reason most of it just never clicked with me. Not for lack of trying, mind you, but anyway that may be changing with the release of The Hatepinks' second full-length release, Plastic bag Ambitions.
What to expect when you spin this one? Well first off, this is a short ride - the whole disc tops off at a mere 16 minutes and 28 seconds. I actually had listened to it 3 times through without realizing it. Most of the songs are very similar in style, tempo, and structure. It kind of reminds me of a new wave punk thing with some electronic effects thrown in for color. The production is clean but, still, this disc has a very raw energetic feel to it. It is hard not to get swept up in the energy...
All in all this is a very fun CD! These four snotty French guys (who seem to hate a lot more than just the color pink) kick out some upbeat tunes with lots of excitement and sass." (Tim Ferrell)

Pocketful of change (USA) / July 2005- http://www.pocketfulofchangerecords.com/

"Le Hatepink sing in English, I think, but I can't really tell what they're saying and the lyrics in the insert are written in French. Either way it’s catchy. They pick up exactly where new wave left off, basically they're in a band just to get girls. Is that such a bad thing? It seems to work for them." (-er)

NEW! Secret Comics (USA) / December 2005

"How could I forget this record? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I remember it of course when I was going to get tacos for lunch. So... Les Hatepinks are French. I swear. They sound punk and pissed and straight outta garageland. Short, short songs with a little new wave-y spazz and power-pop thrown in for good measure. Singing in English, there is the pleasing possibility that something is being lost in translation - song titles like "Kissing Cops With My Ass", etc. The possibility of intentional absurdity is also nice."

Zookookper Online (USA) / Sptember 2005- http://kzsu.stanford.edu/

"Exuberant ’77-style punk from France. Incredibly energizing. Avoids the emotional monotony of so much angry music. Guitar-based... all punk but all over the map in terms of stylistic references. Members come from several other French punk bands. Short songs -- 13 of them in 16 minutes. All high-energy, mid-fast. Fuckin’ A. This so rocks.
1. “One two tree four!” in their charming French accent. Ascending motif. “Go!”
2. FCC Obscene (“Took you so fuckin’ long” over and over.”) Too bad. Great punk song that throws in some Beatles harmonies.
3. Absurdly poignant song about divorce from the perspective of a little kid. Sort of Ramones-ish.
4. Starts with snare. Very insistent, with nice call & response between regular and processed vox. “Meekrowave drugs!” Ends with “Eins zwei drei vier!”
5. “Gurl meegrayne...!” about kissing and killing. Less than a minute long.
6. Starts with drums and cheerleader chant. Power pop punk, call & response plus doo-wop background vox.
7. FCC Indecent: ends with ‘fuck.’ Starts with a few snare taps. Dance punk. Ramones-ish again.
8. Noisy. Ascending/descending motif. Ends with a bit of telephone-like vocals.
9. Starts with bass. Nice combination of regular and processed vox like track 2.
10. Sparse instrumental 2-note beginning, gets repeated as instrumental bridge. Lots of tambourine. Ends suddenly.
11.(“I love your shit” over and over.)
12. (“We’re the fucks” over and over.)
13. (it’s just “mother fucker” over and over.)" (Murray)

Askew Review (USA) / July 2005- http://www.askewreviews.com/

"Proclaiming that these Frenchmen really fuckin’ rock sort of feels like saying something along the lines of, “Those Japanese guys are really well hung.” It’s just not something that naturally comes to mind, but in this case, it’s absolutely true (the part about the rockin’ Frenchies, that is- I don’t actually know of any long dongs from Japan). Plastic Bag Ambitions features 13 nasty, snotty garage punk tracks that clock in at a combined 16+ minutes (12 are actually songs- the last cut, “Motherfuquer!” is an entertaining few seconds of a French guy playing around with Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite word). These fuquers don’t fuck about, and I really do like that. “Girl Migraine” is venomous, aggressive fun and it’s an excellent way to spend 38 seconds. “We Are The Fucks” is as relentless a self-pronouncement as can be. And “I Am A Divorce” is a look at family dysfunction that’s as catchy as it is brash. In fact, there’s not a dud in the bunch here. And if you’re still considering not giving the HATEPINKS a chance based solely on their nationality, I hope you choke on your goddamn freedom fries, motherfuquer!" (Ben Hunter)

NEW! Space City Rock (USA) - http://www.spacecityrock.com/

"Shortest... Album... Ever. At about sixteen and a half minutes, France's The Hatepinks' 2005 disc, Plastic Bag Ambitions, is typical get in-get out, in-your-face, fast as possible, world-hating punk. As far as punk goes, though I'm not a punk fan, this was pretty cool. The problem with punk, in my opinion, is that all the songs tend to sound exactly the same. There's usually lots of energy, but no depth. This isn't about my like or dislike of punk, however, so I'll leave that for later. The Hatepinks seem to use humorous song titles and scathing lyrics that reflect the angst and styles of the original greats -- this isn't radio-friendly, Green Day/Offspring pseudo-pop-punk, mind you. This seems to be the real deal. If you're a punk fan, this CD should be welcome on your shelf." (CM)

Punkmusic.com (USA) / September 2005 - http://www.punkmusic.com/

"Old School Fast Punk. Being extremely old - damn near dead to most of you out there - The Hatepinks "Plastic Bag Ambitions" is the punk I grew up with. This CD brings back the simple fun of bands like Blondie and Devo.
The Hatepinks are obviously not trying to bring about social reform or political uprisings with this CD. With song titles that include "I Piss in Your Swimming Pools" and "Kissing Cops with My Ass", The Hatepinks definitely give you a glance at what they're about - Upbeat, fast-tempo, fun punk rock.
Packing 13 songs into roughly 15 minutes, there's not a lot of time to delve into any deeper meaning. In other words, the swimming pools they're pissing in are pretty shallow, and that's okay. There's enough serious punk rock out there to last us a while and sometimes you just have to take a break from all the shit in your life. Who cares if all the songs sound pretty much the same and the album ends with seven different ways to say Motherfuckquer with a French accent? Fuck it if you can't take a joke."

NEW! Suburban Voice (USA) / No. 2 / July 2005

"Snappy poppy pogo punk from this French band, following up the solid “Sehr Gur Rock Und Roll” on Lollipop Records out of France. Jabbing guitars bob, weave and gnash and vocalist Olivier Gasoil (formerly with the Gasolheads, who put out a good 10” EP some years back) has the requisite snotty attitude. Starting with a hearty “un-deux-trois-quatre” and the energetic songs prove to be irresistible. Gotta love the attitude of “Kissing Cops With My Ass” and “I Piss In Swimming Pools.” Not so sure I want to know how Tupperware is involved in lovemaking (“Tupperware Love”) but it’s a good tune, anyway. Living up (or down) to those ambitions."

Barebones Hardcore (USA) / July 2005

"You know, there are some bands that really need their instruments taken away from them. When you get a release like The Hatepinks Plastic Bag Ambitions, you really do want to get a thick plastic bag, put it over your head and wait for the end. The feeling you’d get from that (including the finality of the process)would be better than subjecting yourself to this shit. Really fast, tinny, repetitive music with screechy vocals. Song titles include: “I am a Divorce” and “I Piss In Your Swimming Pools”. Sad thing is that there will be some out there thinking this is godlike. Luckily, this only clocks in at 16 min. A Classic “Must Avoid” (Dave K.)
hahaha, great review!!!

NEW! Dig it! (France ) /Octobre 2005 www.chez.com/digitfanzine

"Et de trois pour le gang marseillais le plus enfariné depuis... Depuis qui d'ailleurs? Les Hatepinks ne mollissent pas : tout dans le rouge et un seul objectif, le mur d'en face... si la "règle" chez les gasolheads était "pas de morceaux de plus de 2'30", ici c'est devenu "moins de 2' ou nardenimouk on you!" Après Unity Squad, c'est le label ricain TKO qui a été séduit par nos frenchies et qui sort la version CD de l'album. Pas étonnant, il fracasse! Toujours les éternelles référence punk, agrémentées de l'espris 50's ("Girl Migraine", "Fashion is Crime") ou "post-punk" (l'excellent "I piss in your swimming pools", voir l'intro à la Swell Maps de "Broken und Kaputt"). On retient aussi "Tupperware Love" qui aurait pu figurer sur une vieille compil french rock au côté des Guilty Razors et Olivensteins, une nouvelle version de "Fall in Love with a JPEG file" et le semi- rip-off des Rezillos, "We are the Fucks". Sur ce, bonjour chez vous, Motherfuckers!" (Lo Spider)

NEW! Abus Dangereux (France ) /Octobre-Novembre 2005

"On leur pardonnera volontiers l’interminable « Fall in love with a JPEG File » qui frôle quand même les deux minutes, tant, ailleurs leur garage punk primitif vous met les nerfs en vrille et le muscle cardiaque aux limites de la tachycardie. Ils sont affreux, méchants et appuient là où ça fait mal. Qu’ils s’en prennent à nos piscines, nos flics ou nos micro-ondes, ils le font avec l’aplomb électrisé de ceux pour qui le majeur tendu est la forme la plus élémentaire des politesses. De concessions chez eux, il n’y a pas. Je confesse une vue plus que parcellaire de l’Internationale punk rock mai je n’ai rien entendu d’aussi décapant depuis les grandes charges des Angry Samoans. Le vinyl, blanc, est chez Lollipop , le CD chez TKO. Achetez les deux !" (Alain Freydri)

NEW! Rock Hardi No 34 (France ) /Novembre 2005

"Tels des Beatles en tutus rose et épingles à nourrice, les Hatepinks poursuivent leur invasion de la planète punk avec leur second album « Plastic Bag Ambitions » sorti par chez nous en vinyl sur Lollipop et aux Etats-Unis chez TKO Records. Les six morceaux de la face A sont de véritable rafales de mitraillette balancées à travers nos enceintes. On a à peine le temps de réagir qu’il faut déjà tourner le disque pour mettre la face B et là encore ce sont six nouvelles salves dont le hit keupon interplanétaire « Fall in love with a JPEG file » . Un 30cm en vinyl blanc immaculé comme le caoutchouc de vos Converse. Classe kids." (FR)

Massilia's Burning (France ) / June 2005

"Le nouveau Hatepinks est arrivé, encore plus court, plus fou, plus rapide, plus minimaliste, plus sauvage, plus agressif, ... seule la pochette est plus ... sobre. Pour autant les Hatepinks ne cessent pas de cracher sur tout ce qui bouge avec des morceaux dont les paroles sont aussi acérés et minimalistes que la musique, swinguante, folle, névrotique et haineuse. On sent tout de même une certaine évolution avec ce disque, moins rock, plus fou et sauvage. Un disque des Hatepinks c'est un peu comme une bête sauvage, ça s'apprivoise. Il faut donc un léger temps pour appréhender l'évolution du groupe et finalement il faut bien le dire ce disque est vraiment très bon ! Les morceaux tournent tous autour d'une minute et sont hachés, speed et swinguant, parfois minimaliste, teigneux et fou (Plastic bag ambitions, I am a divorce, Girl migraine, Hate le pink ?), parfois plus hystérique (Razor lips, Kissing cops with my ass, We are the fucks) voir limite expérimental (Microwave drugs, I piss in your swimming pools, Broken and kaputt) ils n'en restent pas moins tous dansant à l'image de Tupperware love ou de Fashion is crime avec ses choeurs "ouh ouh" rétro rappelant un peu Sehr gut rock und roll. Bref un garage punk primitif et névrotique souvent minimaliste aussi bien pour la musique que pour les paroles mais toujours fou et surtout efficace. Ca va à cent à l'heure, c'est hyper remuant et hystérique ... c'est les Hatepinks quoi et c'est toujours aussi bon !" (Zhou)

NEW! Moloko plus (Germany) / Oktober 2005 http://www.moloko-plus.de

"Unglaublich, was für 'ne dreckige Musik man auf so unschuldig weißem Vinyl pressen kann. Rausgerotze Akkorde, meistens drei - immer schön simpel und eingängig. Die Franzosen von den Hatepinks lassen sich nicht lumpen, nehmen 77er Punkrock mixen dazu ziemlich rauhen Garagensound a la New Bomb Turks und für den treibenden Basslauf noch was von den alten Electric Frankenstein, bevor diese zur öden Rentnerband mutierten. 13 Tracks mit geilem Drive und nur mal ein Anspieltipp: 'I piss in your swimming pools' - einfach genial! Eine CD Version ist auf TKO Records erschienen." (Roy Polloi)

Allschools Network (Germany) / July 2005 http://www.allschools.de/recordReview.php3?ID=17037

"Un, deux, trois, quatre…hier sind Franzosen am Werk. THE HATEPINKS entstammen dem französischen Garage/Punk Underground und zeigen auf "Plastic Bag Ambitions" was in ihnen steckt. TKO Records hat sich dem Quartett angenommen und das spricht in der Regel für ordentliche Punkrock Qualität.
Nun ja, mit anspruchsvollen Texten haben es die Franzosen nicht gerade, denn auf ihren 13 Tracks, die niemals die 2 Minuten Marke auch nur annähren touchieren, kann man beispielsweise über weite Strecken hören, wie die Franzosen bis vier zählen. One, two, three, four hallt es aus den Boxen und da man im Deutschunterricht aufgepasst hat wird auch mal eben ein Song auf Deutsch ausgezählt. Aber mal Spaß beiseite, "Plastic Bag Ambitions" ist ein Album, das Spaß macht. Die rotzige Garage trifft auf kunterbunten Bubble Gum Power Pop und 70er UK Einflüsse. Die Mixtur ist frisch, geht schnurstracks nach vorn und ist nach 16 Minuten 28 Sekunden auch schon vorbei. Was bleibt ist der Finger auf der Repeat Taste, denn das ging einfach viel zu schnell.

Musix.de (Germany) / August 2005 http://www.musix.de

"In der französischen Punkszene gab es schon immer eine Vorliebe für schrägen und schrillen Plastik-Punk: ob nun Plastic Bertrand, Metal Urbain, The No-Talents oder Operation S ? bei allen schwebt der Geist der ersten Punkrockstunde, der Geist von '77 in den Songs mit. So auch bei den Hatepinks auf ihrem neuen Album 'Plastic Bag Ambitions'. Sonnenbrillen, gestreifte Krawatten, bunte Buttons, provokante Posen, anderthalb Minuten-Songs mit schrägen Titeln wie 'Tupperware Love' oder 'Broken And Kaputt' und fertig ist die Laube. Da könnten amerikanische Punkbands wie The Briefs oder The Stitches ja fast neidisch werden. So muss Punkrock klingen!!!" ( MD )

Third Generation Nation (Germany) / July 2005 http://www.3rdgenerationnation.de/ReviewsJuli2005.htm

"Split-Releases sind ja schwer in Mode. So auch hier. Die 13-Track-CD erscheint in den Staaten bei „TKO“, waehrend den Part der LP-Version das franzoesische „Lollipop Label“ uebernommen hat. Eigentlich sind die Hatepinks da auch zu Hause. Den Sound, den die Hatepinks mittlerweile an den Tag gelegt haben, ist ja seit der Einfuehrung der BRIEFS in die holde Punker-Gilde, auch ganz schoen in Mode gekommen. ´77er Amateure, die von ihren Vorbildern aber noch eine Menge lernen muessen. Gefaehrlich klingt das naemlich absolut nicht. Ganz im Gegenteil! Dann schon eher wie Kindergeburtstag, inkl. Quaekstimme und Klimpergitarre. Mein kleines Punkrock-Herz laesst sich bei so einer braven Vorstellung kaum erweichen" (Ralf Real Shock)

NEW! Ipunkrock (Spain) / November 2005 http://www.ipunkrock.net/

"Si tienes en tu colección discográfica sus discos anteriores ("Sehr gut rock und roll ", "Parasites like me") pues no puedes dejar pasar por alto este "Plastic Bag Ambitions", su tercer larga duración... aunque la duración no sea tan larga como te guataría, este disco se te hace corto, mejor dicho, cortisimo (poco más de un cuarto de hora), trece temas que te dejan con ganas de más, totalmente PUNK!!. Puedes pasarte el día entero dandole vuelta al vinilo... que si primero la cara B y luego la cara A, y vuelta a empezar. Enganchadisimo estoy al tema "I am a divorce", un hit!!. Piensa en el punk 77's o en lo que se te ocura, los HATEPINKS son 101% PUNK-ROCK!!!. Enganchate a ellos y sigueles la pista, bien sea en sus ediciones en vinilo 7" como en LP (http://hatepinks.free.fr/records.htm), como en directo donde bailaras con ellos pogo-punk."